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We supply our products with recreational lodging needs in mind.  We give marinas and campgrounds different options for accommodations to help boost revenues.  For the individual consumer,  these units provide all the comforts of home and may be used for a hunting camp with a rustic appearance or as a  beach cottage with a coastal look

Turn Your Land into a Getaway with a Land Model



 Provide resort-like accommodations for a retreat from reality or simply a relaxing weekend getaway.  Offer your property as a new-found place of happiness for your family, or turn it into a rental resort for extra revenue.  If you’re not a developer, why not place a park model in an existing campground as a vacation home that your entire family can enjoy?

A Floating Cabin adds New Meaning to the term WaterfrontThe Floating Cabin is a cutting-edge breakthrough in overnight water accommodations that allows everyone accessibility to expensive waterfront properties.  All the comforts of home directly on the water give individuals and businesses an affordable opportunity that you can’t get with any other product.  The Floating Cabin can be designed as a luxurious water condominium, a basic fisherman’s getaway, or a guest house at the end of your dock.

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